You may need a professional liability attorney if your professional license is at risk due to an accusation of malpractice or negligence. Doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, realtors, engineers, and other professionals can face serious, life-long consequences if their licenses are suspended or revoked.

At Checkett Law Firm, we defend your rights when you’re accused of professional misconduct, and can ensure you get the best possible outcome when it comes to both lawsuits and disciplinary actions from licensing boards and other such governing bodies.

What Governing Bodies Issue Disciplinary Actions?

This depends on your profession and your state. In general, though, whichever governing body is responsible for professional license will also be the body that issues disciplinary actions. As an example, if you’re a nurse in Arizona and you are accused of misconduct or a similar issue, the AZBN (Arizona State Board of Nursing) would be responsible for disciplinary actions.

The same is true of doctors, engineers, dentists, and other professionals. Typically, the state licensing board or other governing organization issues disciplinary actions. There are some exceptions where federal bodies like the SEC may be involved, but these are relatively rare. 

What Types Of Disciplinary Actions May Be Taken By The Governing Body? 

After an incident is reported to the governing body of a particular profession, an investigation will begin into the accusation to verify its legitimacy. Throughout this process, you can hire a professional liability attorney to defend you and protect your license. 

Once the investigation is complete, a variety of disciplinary actions may be recommended based on the type of violation, its severity, and the circumstances surrounding the situation. 

  • Fines and civil penalties – Accused persons may be subjected to certain fines or penalties based on their misconduct.

  • Public reprimands or censure – A public reprimand or censure places information about the incident in the public record, but usually does not result in license loss or suspension.

  • Imposition of monitoring, remediation, or education requirements – This is very situation-specific. For example, a nurse or doctor who is driving under the influence may be required to take certain steps like installing an ignition interlock device, taking a driver safety course, et.

  • Probation with restrictions – A professional may be subject to a period of prohibition where their activities are closely monitored and further violations and misconduct will result in severe penalties.

  • License suspension or revocation – In the most serious cases, a professional license may be temporarily suspended for a certain period of time, or even revoked permanently. 

Protect Your License And Reputation With A Professional Liability Attorney 

To ensure the best outcome for your case, it’s very important to work with a professional liability defense lawyer. Your lawyer can defend you from lawsuits related to professional malpractice, as well as internal disciplinary actions from state licensing boards and other governing authorities.

Hiring a lawyer is the best way to protect your reputation, your interests, and your professional license. Contact us online or call at (480) 272-9100 for a case review.

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